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PT Padma Citra Amahi opened in 1998 and since opening all production has been done internally. We have our own kilns since opening 1998 and they were updated with new kilns and a new boiler last year.
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PT Padma Citra Amahi has been officially registered in the Indonesian Legal Wood. with registration number 140-LVLK-003-IDN. with LVLK, ensure that the wood used in the production process of our collection, have been checked in the authentication and authenticity.
PT Padma Citra Amahi Donokerto Turi Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia
Email  : padmacitraamahi@gmail.com
Phone : +62 274 4461 646
Fax : +62 274 4461 636 / +62 274 4461 646
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